Rethinking Business Models for Innovation

Lessons from entrepreneurial projects

One of the major challenges confronted by those in charge of technological innovation involves anticipating the value creation model sufficiently early on, in a highly uncertain context both as far as the technology itself is concerned and the potential market.

Today, in many industrial sectors, the innovation boundaries have moved towards projects that are more and more exploratory and fuzzy. The simple optimisation of linear processes of the ???stage-gate??? type is no longer sufficient to build sustainable competitive advantages.

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The notion of Business Models, when applied to innovation, enables us to describe how a company creates value through innovation, generally within a business ecosystem, and how the value will be distributed between the actors involved. The authors of this book believe that the notions of Business Modelling and value creation are key to all the dimensions of successful innovation, whether technology, marketing, organisational or economically based. Read the rest of this entry ??

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