As a social scientist and engineer, I am passionate about promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

With over 25 years of international work experience in engineering, strategy consulting, and academia, I am dedicated to solving social complexities with creativity and humanity.

My diverse experience ranges from researching creative collaboration and strategy to developing future work skills for governments and delivering entrepreneurship curricula. I have raised funds, chaired scholarly conferences and pitch events, evaluated new transport solutions, developed social entrepreneurship policies, and written various books and journal articels.

My goal is to shake up how we think and do things, in order to create new possibilities for the future and unexpected partnerships.

My teaching, research, and consulting are focused on strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with particular interests in design thinking, data science, urban planning, and open innovation. I am currently an Associate Professor and Director of Entrepreneurship at the Business School of the University of Technology Sydney, where I oversee the Executive MBA and the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Hons) degrees.

From a young age, I have been fascinated with technology and enjoyed studying behavior to understand how humans play a role in innovation. I value collaborative human ingenuity and am always eager to collaborate and make new connections.

I have received numerous research and teaching grants and honours and I provide insights into emerging trends, alternate perspectives, and fresh ideas to various private and government organizations, such as the City of Sydney, the NSW and Queensland Governments, the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and many businesses and not for profit organisations.

Although I spend most of my time in Sydney, I enjoy visiting other favourite places like Berlin and Vancouver.