COLAB: A Laboratory for Collaboration and Serious Play, by Shoham Arad – Core77


COLAB (Collaboration Laboratory) is a groundbreaking Syracuse University (SU) initiative that connects students, communities and corporations, to bridge gaps, create opportunities and solve some of today’s top social, economical and environmental crises. We facilitate visual thinking and collaborative practices through what we’ve termed serious play.We believe this is an effective, relevant and critical model for education, with the potential to be utilized and nurtured on a broader academic level to encourage effective collaboration. While there are many initiatives that address similar themes (the at Stanford, Hellen Hamlyn Centre at The Royal College of Art), COLAB is the first program of this kind that we know of. This means we don’t have a lot of precedent and have started from scratch on many platforms. We want to share our story, the things we’ve learned and the way we work, with you, in the hopes of seeing more programs like this in the future, and more opportunities to work with like-minded organizations or corporations.