Prestiguous award to Bj??rkeng, Clegg and Pitsis ?? Ideawork


Kjersti, Stewart and Tyrone received the award for their co-authored paper ???Becoming (a) Practice??? in the journal Management Learning.

Their paper was judged by independent reviewers as one of the Top 50 articles out of 15,000 articles published across all organization theory and the business disciplines in 2009. The award recognizes the world???s best literature in management across such outlets as Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Sicence Quarterly, Academy of Management Review and Organization Science and all other top journals in the field.

Kjersti Bj??rkeng says: ???I am honored and overwhelmed to receive this award. So are my co-authors Stewart Clegg and Tyrone Pitsis. The paper is an empirical paper exploring alliancing in construction management. We show how an alliance project develops a common sense of purpose. As a result the partners practice a collaborative normative control, thus achieving far fewer deviations and variations than traditional design and construction contracts. We greatly appreciate the recognition of our work and our findings that this award entail.???

???It is quite rare for a qualitative paper on a single case study to acieve such recognition???, says Arne Carlsen, Project Leader of Idea Work. ???This is a truly magnificent accomplishment that demonstrates the value of the extensive international collaboration in Idea Work- and a great inspiration to all of us for the many articles and books?? now underway.???